change worker attitudes

Minister for Gender, Children and Social protection is calling on Ghanaian workers to change their attitude towards work if they want to see a reflective increase in their salaries.

According to her, a change in attitude is one major factor that boosts productivity and eventually contributes to the economic growth of the country.

We would want to look at attitudinal change, if we want more salary then we must go to work on time. If we want Ghana to be transformed we have to be particular about our attitude to work, that is where we get our livelihood so let’s treat government property and everything that has to do with government properly.

Speaking on the sidelines of the May Day parade at the Black Star Square in Accra Monday, Mrs. Djaba indicated government’s plan to create a platform where street hawkers commonly called Kayaye, less privileged women and children involved in entrepreneurship would through dialogue generate ideas and possible measures that if applied will improve their livelihoods as far as insurance and other incentives are concerned.

We are going to dialogue with them to support them to see how we can work together with them to improve their lives including insurance and more.

The Gender Minister also emphasized the importance of time consciousness and promptness among workers and Ghanaians at large. She stated that rather than be tardy and sluggish about their duties, workers should ensure that they are quick at all times and that they are hardworking in order to facilitate efficiency.

If we want Ghana to be transformed we have to be particular about time, we must get to work on time, not run off to funerals, get drunk and all of that, let’s do better by getting to work on time.

She urged heads of organizations to cease from involving workers in child labor and other human rights abuse.


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