Soldier Dies After Drinking Bitters


Two persons have died in Takoradi after consuming popular Mahogany bitters.

The first to die was a Navy Officer, Leading Seaman, Emmanuel Fugah who went to a popular Pito Bar in Takoradi called 2BN army barracks on Sunday to consume lots of the popular bitters before he went home to eat his fufu meal he had prepared.

Emmanuel few minutes after taking the drink became weak and was attended to by some persons around but gave up the ghost while being carried to Nkwanta Hospital where his body is currently is.

Not long after, another woman, a wife of a military officer who had also consumed the same Mahogany bitters died.

Three other men who also consumed the substance were lucky to have survived after they were rushed to the hospital and had their systems flushed by doctors. They are however still on admission.

Following the deaths, the Army authorities have closed all eateries and drinking spots at the barracks until further notice.

The police have since seized the remaining bottles of Mahogany bitters which were on sale and are keeping them for investigations.

Both the Bar Operator and the person who supplies her with the Mahogany bitters are currently in police grips helping with investigations into the incidents.

Soldiers at 2BN Barracks in Takoradi are said to be consumers of Mahogany bitters as the substance reportedly has some properties which boost their systems and also enhances sexual performance.


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