Sensational Takorai Fante rapper, Ayesem, has stated that his controversial new track ‘Koti’ which many observe to be a song which recommends illegal drug abuse is a false impression.

He narrated that contrary to this view, he is rather campaigning against the abuse of drugs in all shapes and forms.

Ayesem made these revelations during an interview he said being the mouthpiece of the youth, I am using my talent to spread the good as well as bad sides of drug use, abuse, and addiction.

He opined that though research has proven that certain drugs can cure a lot of illnesses, abusing these drugs can be very harmful to one’s health. This has motivated him to embark on a project which seeks to inform and educate the youth on drug use and abuse, hence the slogan ‘ say no to drug abuse’.

He, therefore, used his creativity in the song to depict a young man who was narrating his ordeal after been accosted by ‘Koti’ the police and claimed to be naive about illegally possessing marijuana without knowing the consequences involved.

Responding to issues concerning his switch from rap to highlife, he stated that as a musician, one needs to be versatile, more so people resonate with high life as part of our culture and heritage. He also said he used to sing during the days when he was in a group with Nero X.

He advised the youth to say no to drug abuse and rather focus on their education or God-given talent, support it with prayers and definitely, God will make a way.

Ayesem has produced songs such as Satan, Difference, Wa drop, Oluwa Oluwa, Fante nkoaa na meka, Oda ase, among others. He has currently been nominated in 5 categories for the Western Music Awards.


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