Mother of 3-year-old girl cries for justice after alleged sexual attack by teacher


The fate of a three-year-old girl who suffered bruises in her private parts as a result of an alleged indecent assault on her by a female teacher at the Valley View University (VVU) Basic School hangs in the balance.

The Nursery One teacher, identified as Ms. Lilly Baafi, allegedly drive a broom stick into the toddler’s private parts, resulting in bruises in her vital area.

Almost two months after the incident, it is not clear whether justice will be served to the victim.

Even though the incident reportedly occurred on July 19, this year, the mystery behind the incident is yet to be unraveled by the police.

Medical examination

A medical report made available to the Daily Graphic by the child’s mother (name withheld) confirmed that the three-year-old girl had suffered some bruises in her private parts.

The report, prepared by Dr. A.S. Boateng of the Police Hospital in Accra, stated: On inspection of the vagina, there is bruising at the medial vulva mucous bilaterally. No bleeding points were noted. Hymen was intact.

Police confirmation

Information made available to the Daily Graphic at the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), where a formal complaint was made, showed that the docket on the case had been forwarded to the Attorney-General’s (A-G’s) Department for advice.


The Head of Investigations at the CID, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Ms. Christine Srofenyoh, who confirmed this to the Daily Graphic, said the police had taken statements from all who matter in the incident.

We went to the lady who was accused of having inflicted the indecent assault on the child and took her through the appropriate processes and also took her statement. We are waiting for the A-G’s advice on the issue, she said.


Narrating the incident to the Daily Graphic, the victim’s mother, who is a Nursing student of the VVU, said the incident occurred on July 19, 2017.

According to her, the child returned from school around 4 p.m. on that day with two of her siblings, complaining of pains.

She was crying and walking in an unusual manner and so I suspected that something was wrong with her. When I took her to the washroom to check on her, she would not allow me to check her private parts. When I eventually did, I realized that there were bruises.

I asked her what had happened to her and she said her teacher had thrust a broom stick into it. Her older siblings said the same thing.

I made a complaint at the Oyibi Police Station, where I was given a medical form and I continued to the Police Hospital for examination on her, she said.

The complainant said she went to the school the next day to enquire from the teacher what had happened to her daughter “but she ignored me and walked away from me.

She said the school authorities had not been cooperative in getting to the bottom of the matter, alleging that her two other children who attended the same school had been sacked from the school.

School’s response

Meanwhile, the management of the school has refuted allegations that they have shown a lukewarm attitude in addressing the issue.

In an interview with the Daily Graphic, the Registrar of the VVU, Pastor Odomse Akuoko-Nyantakyi, said the complainant had turned down a proposal by the management to meet her in respect of the issue.

He said a number of letters had been written to the complainant but she failed to respond to any of them.

In the matter relating to the allegation that the child was abused, we will leave it to the appropriate agencies to deal with it because the case is in the hands of the CID.

However, the school is also consulting with our lawyers to start a legal process against the complainant because she has made some allegations that have brought the name of the institution into disrepute, he said.


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