Lack of info hampering crime fight


Deputy Minister of Interior, Henry Quartey has said the unwillingness of members of the public to release information on the whereabouts of criminals is hindering the fight against criminal activities in the society.

According to him, the police all over the world, rely on members of the public for information in order to successfully fight crimes, therefore, Ghanaians must also make it a priority to assist with information.

There is insecurity in the country, Mr Quartey said: I serious disagree with the notion that there is insecurity in the country, that, I’ll not agree.

We all accept that these days there have been pockets of violence and gun crimes but the Ghana Police is serious making sure that the miscreants are dealt with.

He added: One thing that is helping the advanced countries in the fight against crime is the flow of information and so we must all be each neighbor’s keeper.

Here in Ghana, when you call witnesses to testify in crime cases they do not want to show up in court, without that, how can we help the Ghana police in the fight against crime? So, what we need at the moment to assist security agencies in this direction is information flow.


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