corrupt leaders

The immediate past Ghana’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom Victor Smith has stated that corruption is prevalent in Ghana due to bad leadership the country has had.

He said leaders have preached anti-corruption and integrity at every turn but many turns around to do otherwise to undermine the high moral ground extend to uphold.

Our Country has serious issues to do with leadership and I mean leadership at all levels which need to be undertaken and very quickly. Bad leaders have misinformed the people to become corrupt in every sphere of national life. Leaders have preached anti-corruption and integrity at every turn but some have turned around and done all manner of things to the very high moral ground they seek to uphold. Poor leadership and widespread poverty are beginning to erode moral and social values in our society, he pointed out.

He said this when delivering a lecture organized by the Koforidua Technical University branch of the Tertiary Education Institution Network( TEIN) of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) on Thursday in the Eastern region on the theme Poor Leadership: The bane of Ghana’s development.

According to the formal diplomat, corruption canker has slowed down development of Ghana worsening hardship of the masses centered to benefit from good governance.

Corruption is bad for our socioeconomic growth, corruption is denying the majority of the people real progress. Corruption is denying people justice from law enforcement officials. Corruption is hurting the poorest most but in the end, it is a great threat to the national interest of the country, he said.

Ambassador Victor Smith further explained that corruption and greed have eaten deep into the moral fabric of the country permeating in all sectors of the economy.

He observed that society is becoming worse in the church and a threat to the country’s progress and stability.

He suggested that a radical approach is fixed to the corruption menace through governance and institutional modification as well as cutting-edge anti-corruption policies.

Morals have become so corrupt and some of us leaders and followers alike are such self -seekers If we don’t take radical steps to reverse this trend and this I believe can only be done through spiritual awakening and by encouraging into leadership, genuine and serious patriots, selfless, committed and focused team of leaders to competently manage the affairs of this nation, even if it means modifying the style or system of governance that we have inherited from the colonialists, in order to correct the defects in our way of doing things, he stated.

The Former Eastern Regional Minister Ambassador Victor Smith fessed-up that, party politics in Ghana has become a looting machine for selfish and greedy politicians in Ghana.

He called on Ghanaians entrusted with the power of accountability to exercise their right to ensure that politicians do not mismanage their resources.

He said expensive and wasteful political campaign activities in Ghana must be checked to reduce corruption.

Ambassador Victor Smith lauded President Akufo Addo’s move to establish the office of Independent Prosecutor but added institutions must be strengthened to work well to help reduce corruption whiles government provides commensurate salaries to public servants.

High level of indiscipline in Ghana

Ambassador Emmanuel Victor Smith lamented that so much indiscipline and moral decadence across Ghana threatening supportable development and nation’s security.

He mentioned that the high level of indiscipline and corruption has percolated into governance and politics in Ghana breeding corruption, dishonesty and abuse of discretionary powers especially in security services, in particular, CEPS, Immigration, Police MTTD and other Public institutions.

Ghanaian Politics is now dominated by deceit, dishonesty and general lack integrity. Mouth -watering campaign promises are made by candidates in the run-up to elections but those who make them know all too well they are not achievable, he said.


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