Unfortunately, Ghanaians are not good with praising women for their performances and so more often than not they are pushed to the background.

You might not know this but here are 5 women from Ghana’s history who should be your role model because they helped catapult this country to where it is today and they need to be celebrated.

  1. Yaa Asantewaa.

We know this is the first woman that comes to mind when we mention incredible women from Ghana’s history because she’s the only one who stands out as being a fighter but we can guarantee you there are more.

Yaa Asantewaa is one of the queen mothers of Ashanti who stood her grounds to inspire men to fight against the British when the King was arrested and exiled and all the Ashanti soldiers were downtrodden because they felt their leader has been captured. She did not kowtow to the pressure and managed to push all the others to war. Although she was captured by the British too, she sent a strong signal.

  1. Efua Theodora Sutherland.

Another problem with most Ghanaians is that we pay less attention to children unlike other countries. If there is any woman who drew our attention to caring for children, then that goes to Efua Sutherland, a playwright, director, children author, poet and dramatist who dedicated most of her works to the needs of children.

  1. Theodosia Salome Okoh.

We can never talk about heroines in history without mentioning Theodosia Okoh because we owe our Ghana flag to her. She is the one who designed the Ghana flag and her work should inspire most women in Ghana to go into art.

But that’s not the only thing she’s known for, she also played an instrumental role in developing hockey in Ghana. She was the first female chairperson of the Ghana Hockey Association and later served as President of the Ghana Hockey Federation for more than 20 years. Ghana’s hockey stadium is named in her honor.

  1. Hannah Cudjoe.

We all know about the “Big Six” but most of us don’t know some of the women who stood for the big six to be the big six we know. Hannah Cudjoe was so strong in the Convention People’s Party she was named “Convention Hannah”. She is the force behind the “Big Six” being the “Big Six” we know.

She was a strong campaigner in the pursuit of Ghana’s independence. When the men were down, she was always available to carry the agenda and see it through to the end. In the days of the 1948 riot when the “Big Six” were arrested, Hannah Cudjoe mobilized a mammoth gathering of Ghanaians from all walks of life. She then led them to petition the colonial masters for the release of the “Big Six”. Hannah is credited as the founder of the All African Women’s league in 1960, a strong reflection of her role in the independence struggle. She served as the Party Organizer and Propaganda Secretary of the Convention People’s Party during her days.

  1. Mabel Dove Dankwah.

When we talk about women who used journalism to fight for Ghana’s freedom, then it is this woman. She was the first female member of the legislative assembly in 1954 in Gold Coast.

She was a writer who used her journalistic skills to challenge colonial reign and female rights in the 1950’s. Using a women’s column in the Times of West Africa newspaper, she shared her strong feminine stance on colonial supremacy in Ghana and enlightened the populace on certain happenings within the Gold Coast. She was also the editor of the Accra Evening News and wrote for papers like the Nigerian Day Times, African Morning Post, the Daily Echo, and the Daily Graphic among several others.


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