There will be bad consequences for removing Anaba – Pratt tells Akufo-Addo

removing anaba

The Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper, Kwasi Pratt Jnr says the termination of the appointment of the besieged Medical Director of the Ridge Hospital, Thomas Anaba is witness to the general disorder and freedom seen under the current New Patriotic Party(NPP) regime.

Pratt said there is no justification for him[Anaba] to be disengaged in such a manner, in view of the fact that his appointment was not done in a vacuum.

Significantly he went through all the processes to be employed finally, and his appointment is a Public Service Commission appointment and not a political appointment. All of the things that he intended to do was submitted to the appointing authority. And the appointing authority, if it employed him meant that it had agreed to his work program. It is strange that after two years the appointing authority then says that you don’t have managerial experience, Pratt said on.

There has been brewing tension at the hospital following a formal introduction of the new Hospital Head, Emmanuel Kwabla Srofenyoh to take over from Anaba.

This is despite the outgoing Chief Executive of the Hospital, Dr. Thomas Anaba’s resistance to his transfer which has for the past week generated an administrative war between him and the Health Ministry.

A supposed letter addressed to Dr. Anaba directed him to hand over to the Public Services Commission, three years short of the expiration of his tenure.

But Dr. Anaba took the letter as a sign of bad faith and threatened to sue the Health Minister for excessively transferring him from his post.

Commenting on the impasse at the hospital, particularly between the Health Ministry and the outgoing Medical Director, Mr. Pratt said he foresees a terrible consequence for public administration in the country following the impunity being displayed all over.

He said he would not be shocked if Anaba finally goes to court to fight for justice to overturn the decision taken against him.


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