Old woman’s throat cut at Maamobi General Hospital

woman cut throat

An old woman has been killed at Maamobi in Accra Wednesday morning with her throat cut by some unknown persons.

The incident occurred at the Maamobi General Hospital where she had turned into her home lately.

Residents have been thrown into a state of shock after waking up to see the lifeless body of the old woman in a pool of blood, as they wondered who could be behind the shameful act on such a harmless person.

A resident, Asante Amoako Boateng who spoke that, said the deceased, a mother of four was very popular and lived in the neighborhood for decades, but lately developed a psychiatric condition which left her turning the premises of the hospital into an abode.

She used to sweep the premises of the hospital every day and even in her unstable mental state she all the time spoke to persons she knew. She has never caused any problem or attacked anyone since she became ill and so we’re shocked by her killing in such gruesome manner.

The police have since conveyed her body to the morgue after doing an assessment of the crime scene.


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