Strangers Are Using and Dumping Our Girls, Bole Youth

bole youth

Some Youth in Bole have expressed their disappointment and anger over the manner in which girls in the area are being used and dumped by people they describe as strangers who are mostly public servants.

The youth claim some of the ladies in Bole and Damongo are to blame for their own distresses due to their unending taste for quick money and quick rise to high status. They further stated that Bole and Damongo men do not usually succeed in dating the ladies because of their perceived unhealthy financial stand hence the victims deserve every bit of the treatment meted out to them.

The Romeo eye specialist who is from the southern part of the country and was posted to Damongo to practice his profession married and has two children with a Damongo lady but managed to impregnate another lady but abandoned her after she turned 7 months.

According to the victim (name withheld), his former darling boyfriend Seth Frimpong used to complain bitterly and copiously over the harsh manner in which he was being handled by his wife, claiming in some instances his wife physically molests him (Seth) and makes him wash her clothing including her panties.

The victim said those sentiments shared by the eye specialist touched her heart and out of compassion agreed to Seth’s proposal and later moved into a house rented by Seth Frimpong.

She said Seth accepted responsibility for her pregnancy amidst consistent arguments as to whether the pregnancy is kept or not until Mr. Frimpong finally packed back to his wife and kids and has since declined to play his role as a father to her newborn baby.

He has made no attempt to visit the baby and mother leaving them to abject poverty, pain, and rejection.

This, however, is not the first instance such an incident has occurred in the area.


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